I’m going back to doing harsh noise after a 7 year hiatus under the name “PRINCESS DISEASE”. First performance will be Saturday, May 27 at Melanincholy Festival.


New Beginnings

My Harsh Noise bandcamp URL has changed from to  There are no new releases up there YET(?!?!?!?!!?) aka there will be soon. “Princess Disease” is also my “drag” name if I can get my shit together enough to be a half rate drag queen …… so stay tuned!!


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Watch this!!!!!

Sad Mud Song / Turtle Boat Trio

I’m doing a trio version of Turtle Boat. We played Dick’s Den the other night. It was great. This tune was so great that we played it twice. We’re doing it again at ComFest. See you there Sunday at 6:00PM on the I Wish You Jazz stage. (That’s a Don Pavelchek poem. I played with Circus of Cool last night)

New Music for guitar and percussion

Recently, my good friend Aaron Quinn was in town for a gig with his Surf Rock band, the Hypnotides. Like the most awesomest (sp!?!?) purveyor of new music that he is, he also set up a concert for a bunch of local composers to write new music. The way the e-mail traffic worked out, it was looking like most of the music was going to be for guitars and percussion. Larry Marotta wrote a guitar quartet very much in the style of Philip Glass. Many others wrote guitar quartets as well (Aaron’s piece was one). All of the music that afternoon was in the “sound art” and/or aleatoric realm. It was super duper awesome. I wish you were there. Anyways, I’d like to share the piece that I wrote for the event. It is/was a duo for myself and Alex Burgoyne. This came from a fragment that I had been working on for 6-9 months before I was given the opportunity to finalize it into a piece to be performed (aka I suck at writing but luckily Aaron lit a fire under my ass to finish something). I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out. I titled the piece after one of Alex’s poems. If you haven’t read Alex’s poetry you really need to start doing that.

Also – the same guitar quartet from that concert that Aaron put together is now going to be a thing (!?!?). We are writing new music and commissioning pieces from composers all over the country. We expect to be performing  by this summer. To hear what we’ve done so far you can check us out on bandcamp and wordpress.

Hey friends! Thanks for reading and listening! I hope to see/hear all of you soon!

New year, new band

It’s a new year and I’m back in Columbus, OH after living away for almost three years (South Korea & North Carolina). I’ve already had a few opportunities to make music with my colleagues here in Columbus and I am very excited for all the music that is yet-to-be-made this year.

I have started a group to be called “Turtle Boat”. We will play the music of Paul Motian (& some others) in the style of the Electric Bebop Band. We play the one and only Dick’s Den on February 1st. Turtle boat

I’ve also updated my gigs page. Hey, look at that! Gigs!!

Some things I’m checking out (summer 2014)

Liver Quiver has finally released an album. We’ve all been waiting a very long time for it and it is very good. Don’t just listen on BandCamp, get yourself a physical copy. They were all carefully prepared by hand by the band with some help from Deric Dickens. Don’t know who Liver Quiver is? You should. They just wrapped up a midwest tour with Team Players (more on them later). Based in Columbus, OH, Liver Quiver features new compositions from all three members: Alex Burgoyne on saxophone, Aaron Quinn on guitar, and Seth Daily on drums. By the way, have you checked out Alex’s poetry?

edit: I forgot to mention that it’s no secret that Liver Quiver is my favorite band, and since my opinion has so much weight, you better check them the eff out!!


Liver Quiver’s midwest tour was in conjunction with a larger nationwide tour by a group called Team Players. The team features original compositions and group improvisations from its four members: Billy Wolfe (Providence/Utah), Brad Linde (DC), Aaron Quinn (Columbus, OH/NYC), and Deric Dickens (Brooklyn). The original idea for the group was to interpret the X’s and O’s on football plays as musical scores. That idea was phased out and only one of their compositions is actually sports-based (Billy Wolfe’s “Devin Aromashodu”). The sports theme slightly returns in the titles of their recorded group improvisations, but the group is mainly original music from its members with the addition of one beautiful standard popularized by Thelonious Monk. You can check out the aftermath of the tour on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram via the slew of hashtags that plagued the tour. #teamplayerstour2014, #byebilly, #goooteam, #sluttysummer, #broomcorn, #thefifthman, #digthescene etc. You can buy their CD from either Deric or Brad’s website as well as iTunes.


Speaking of Deric Dickens, he’s got a couple other albums you can purchase from his website that are all really great. Speed Date is a collection of 20 short duets with various musicians. I will quote from the liner notes (the packaging for this album is really nifty, get yourself a copy) “After a year and a half in NY, I wanted to record an album with some of my friends that lived in the city. At this point I had started writing short melodys like the Ornette and Cherry tunes I had been listening to. I thought it would be nice to include some of these along with some tunes from my fellow musicians on the album.” Deric also has a project called “The Dickens Campaign” which is an homage to musical archivist Alan Lomax. “Oh Lovely Appearance” features Kirk Knuffke on cornet and Jesse Lewis on guitar.


And I could not end this post without mentioning the other album that has been haunting my dreams. Kristin Slipp & Dov Manski’s A Thousand Julys. These two natives of Maine met as students at New England Conservatory and now have a history of presenting old standards in a new and beautiful way. I know you hear those exact same words in every album review when standards are involved. You will just have to trust me that this album really is something else. Seriously, get your copy now. NOW!


Also check out Columbus, OH’s Brat Curse. Just check them out, seriously.



DixDen 1/3/14

I was recently blessed with the opportunity to play with Dan White (saxophones), John Allen (Bass), and Maxwell Button (Drums & Cymbals) at the One & Only Dick’s Den just a few weeks ago. Here’s what you missed. Yes you saw that correctly: We did play a couple songs written by the brilliant Sunny Kim.